What is it?

The Champion is a brand new, high end touring exhibition about sports, which provides interactive, all ages experience and scientific entertainment. Suitable for venues from 800m2 - 1,300m2 / 8,600 - 14,000 sq ft./


Visitors can test their own sports skills from boxing to fencing in various game stations, also known as Champ Labs. Visitors feel themselves motivated to challenge others and real champions as well.

Educative, scientific

Relics from worldwide sports history are being presented. Nutrition facts and training plans are useful information for visitors from age 8 to 99.


VR-experience, moving holographic structures, slow motion and high speed video projections.

The champion experience

Why is it interactive?

  • Visitors are in control, they move, they play and at the end they get personal feedback on their performances.
  • 9 game stations, which all provide place for 4 to 6 individuals at the same time, reducing waiting time.

What is a sport exhibition?

Guests can experience 12 sports at the same time! They can try our professional sport equipment, and get sneak peek secrets of their favourite sports in a single afternoon. Race simulation, cognitive skills tests such as reaction time and reflex tests, in order to help them find out which sport would be the perfect for them!
swimming, water polo, basketball, boxing, taekwondo, football, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, fencing, gymnastics, running, horse riding, tennis, archery

Why is it high-tech?

The Champion provides experiences with cutting-edge technology: data tracking RF ID bracelets, 6 meter tall real time immersive projections, never-before-seen slow motion and high-speed footages on more than two tennis courts sized (!) projected areas.

Why is it personal?

The RF ID wristband tracks performance, and results. At the end of the exhibition visitors will get a personalized certificate, which includes their results from various stations. Based on this the exhibition can offer the most suitable sports for anyone, and also gives advice to parents and children when it comes to choosing a sport. Maybe it can reveal somebody’s chances to become a champion!

What can you learn?

Visitors will face their own boundaries and possibilities whilst learning about sports history. In the special atmosphere of legendary relics, guests can see every detail about nutrition and training facts.

Why is it a great social activity?

Visitors can challenge their friends in playful tests, try to beat the opposite sex or their family members in one of the sport games! Guests can also share the experience. They can take photos at our special selfie points with their own champion certificate on the top of the podium!

Exhibition highlights

ChampLabs are special sport stations, designed to track your personal performance in the following areas:

  • Tapping test - box
  • Vertical Jump - basketball
  • Reflex - swimming
  • Agility - football
  • Rowing - visualisation
  • Fencing
  • Running - running
  • Cognitive + deterministic skills
  • Nutrition games
  • real champion’s performance
  • themselves
  • their friend, family, classmates...etc.
  • special equipment used only in professional sports

Scientific and useful information about how to eat healthy like a professional sportsman.

Edutainment: mixing fun and science to give value to visitors

More than 50 quizzes and entertaining facts about top-of-mind sports celebrities like Michael Phelps.

Making sport history more understandable and enjoyable

Artistic videos about olympic athletes of 10 different kind of sports like swimming, fencing, archery, boxing etc.
15 projectors, 450 sq m screen, 6 meters high.

  • stunning, monumental visual effects
  • created by world renowned, award winning Australian cinematographer Chris Bryan

Moving structures displaying the models of previous Olympic stadiums (Berlin, Athens, Sydney, Montreal, London and Munich) whilst the large one displays the recent Olympic venue in Rio de Janeiro.

Monumental slow motion and high speed projections with captivating music.

7+ sports footages, so as boxing, karate, swimming, basketball, football, synchronized swimming and even footages of parasports – created by world renowned, award winning Australian cinamatographer Chris Bryan.

Selfie points can be established at the checkout points, the Historic press wall or several other places.

All visitors get an RF ID wristband before entering the exhibition. It acts as a digital ID throughout. Personal data is being stored, on it which allow to check results within the exhibition. The achieved results get saved and monitored properly, in order to provide a full certificate.

  • “sporty” feeling
  • tracks visitors performance at various test points
  • personal certificate with unique details

Each guest receives a personal certificate

Available in electronic format and printed version

  • show the visitor’s full results collected at the various test points in the exhibition
  • visitors can leave with their own branded diploma
  • visitors can share on social media
“Great place to get your steps in.”

“I loved every minute of our visit to the Champion. Great place to get well over 5000 steps - actually more like 10,000. It was phenomenal the immersive projections were amazing. They know how to make atmosphere. And the most important, I beat my brother in nearly all of the ChampLab tests. I will not let him forget that.”

David, 32

“enjoyable for the whole family…”

“It was really fun to learn about olympic sports through participation.”

Eva, 15

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Why does it work?

Sport is an international language

Eternal topic
Sport always excites people, that is a recurring top-of-mind theme because of Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, NFL, NBA etc.

Unique, out of the box theme.
You did not see something like this for years. The exhibition had its world premier in Budapest, in January 2017.

Exhibition approved by professionals
Reviewed by curators, specialists, professors, exhibition producers and promoters around the world

49 olympic and world champions
- olympics, world and european champions..etc.

Upsell points and extra revenue areas (printed certificate + VR experience)

  • fancy certificate
  • VR experience
  • merchandising

Wide target group

Easily adjustable for different venue sizes and local history of sports.

Wide target group

“Enjoyable for the whole family…It was really fun to learn about olympic sports through participation.”


USA: 156 million people are interested in sports
(based on Facebook interests data)

Europe: 196 million people are interested in sports
(based on Facebook interests data)

What will you get?

Turn key solution

Suitable for venues from 800m2 - 1,500m2 / 8,700 - 16,200 sq ft./

Shorter than average building time (in case of optimal venue conditions)

Installation of the exhibition:
  • Only 5 tour crew to build + local labour
  • Only 5 40” containers to ship
  • Full technical support (remote and on-site)

Marketing package


Includes the brand guidelines, vector graphic logo pack, merchandise products etc.

II.Creative concept

  • Key visual of citylights
  • Key visual of billboards
  • Key visual of online banner set

III.Cloud based content kit

  • Sales page - one page website template
  • 16+ GB high resolution photos
  • Slow-motion and super fast videos
  • Facebook content template
  • Sponsoration presentation

How it was made

It took 104 weeks to develop and create the exhibition.

54 top hungarian sportsmen - olympics, world and european champions etc.

Hardware and software development

High-end technology: Data tracking with RF ID bracelets

Stunning, monumental visual effects created by world renowned, award winning cinematographer, Chris Bryan.

About us

Kaleido Entertainment Ltd. is led by professionals who have decades of experience in the entertainment industry.
Our group reached the top with 500.000 tickets sold with musical shows and exhibitions during the past some years.
Our team created the 2 most popular Hungarian musical shows ever: the Game Creator (Játékkészítő) and the Dream Traveler (Álomutazó).

Gabriella Illés

CEO, Executive producer,
Co-founder of Kaleido Entertainment

Gabriella worked for the most viewed Hungarian prime time shows, and she developed and created her own award-winning programs. In 2013 Gabriella launched her own business with the support of several investors. Her team developed the „pop-show musical” Játékkészítő (Game Creator) which – at Christmas time in 2014 and 2015 – reached more than 100.000 people in Budapest. In May 2016 the recordings of the show was aired in cinemas. At Christmas 2017, another own production musical (Álomutazó – Dream Traveler) was presented in Budapest by her team – breaking all the records of popularity.

György Molcsányi

Line Producer, Business development director,
Co-founder of Kaleido Entertainment

As a sponsorship leader of MTG Group, György was the first who introduced fresh and unconventional solutions in the Hungarian media market. He is the co-owner of one of the leading Hungarian production companies, and he was deeply involved in the production of the most popular Hungarian musical ever (Álomutazó – Dream Traveler). Nowadays he is the sales, business development and strategy leader of the group.

Szabolcs Oláh

Producer, Technical director, Co-founder

He has 6 years experience in the field of exhibition planning, development, and content creation. In Kaleido Entertainment as a producer and technical executive he is responsible for the exhibition’s technological background, development, and the creative visual, audio content and design.

Levente Kovács

Producer, Creative director, Co-founder

As a creative consultant and sound-, and visual designer he co-produced and co-created several permanent and touring exhibitions. He is the creative director and the daydreamer of Kaleido Entertainment and responsible for developing new content and attractions.

László Szvoboda

Producer, Production director, Co-founder

As an exhibition professional, he was the co-designer and production director of several exhibitions in various themes from ethnography to serial killers. As a producer and production designer for Kaleido Entertainment he is responsible for the installation development of ‘The Champion’.


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